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to competition to occur [verb] өрсөлдөөн явагдах ᠥᠷᠢᠰᠦᠯᠳᠦᠭᠡᠨ ᠶᠠᠪᠤᠭᠳᠠᠬᠤmb
occur үзэгдэх ᠦᠵᠡᠭᠳᠡᠬᠦmb
occur тохиох ᠲᠣᠬᠢᠶᠠᠬᠤmb
to occur [verb][comm.] сэдэх ᠰᠡᠳᠡᠬᠦmb
to occur [verb][comm.] санах ᠰᠠᠨᠠᠬᠤmb
to occur [verb][comm.] болж өнгөрөх ᠪᠣᠯᠵᠤ ᠥᠩᠭᠡᠷᠡᠬᠦmb
to occur [verb] санаанд орох ᠰᠠᠨᠠᠭᠠᠨ ᠳᠤ ᠣᠷᠤᠬᠤmb
to occur [verb] гарах ᠭᠠᠷᠬᠤmb
to occur [verb] таарах ᠲᠠᠭᠠᠷᠠᠬᠤmb
to occur [verb] тохиолдох ᠲᠣᠬᠢᠶᠠᠯᠳᠤᠬᠤmb
to occur [verb] болох ᠪᠣᠯᠬᠤmb
occur simultaneously давхцах ᠳᠠᠪᠬᠤᠴᠠᠬᠤmb
occur to тохиолдох ᠲᠣᠬᠢᠶᠠᠯᠳᠤᠬᠤmb
occur to санаанд орох ᠰᠠᠨᠠᠭᠠᠨ ᠳᠤ ᠣᠷᠤᠬᠤmb
occur to бодогдох ᠪᠣᠳᠤᠭᠳᠠᠬᠤmb
a loss occurs хохирол учрах ᠬᠣᠬᠢᠷᠠᠯ ᠤᠴᠠᠷᠠᠬᠤmb
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